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Artem Kozmin

Current position

Research Fellow,

Centre of Typological and Semiotic Folklore Studies,

Russian State University for the Humanities


1994-1999: Undergraduate student, Department of History and Philology, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia

Specialization: Greek and Latin, medieval history

1999: Diploma (M.A. equivalent) "Friendship as Socio-Political Institution among Goths in V-VII Centuries AD"

grade: A+

1999-2003: Postgraduate student, Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities, Russian State University for the Humanities

2004: Ph.D. Thesis in folklore and language studies:

"Structural-Semantic Index of Folklore Plots: A Computer Model for Establishing "Text - Index Unit" References", at RSUH.

thesis supervisor: Prof. Sergei U. Nekludov


European: English, French

Non-eoropean: Hawaiian (basic level), Maori (basic level), Mongolian (basic level).

Ancient: Greek, Latin

Fieldwork Experience

1994-2010: Caucasian Archaelogical Expedition, State Oriental Museum, North Caucasus, Russia.

1999: Folklore Expedition, Perm Area, Russia.

2006-20010: Folklore Expedition, Central and North-West Mongolia.

Professional Experience

2000-2004: Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities, Russian State University for the Humanities.

2000 - current time: Administrator of the site `Folklore and Postfolklore' www.ruthenia.ru/folklore

Awards (international foundations only)

2004, Feb.-April: research and travel grant from the Ford Foundation (i) to visit the 33-th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research, San Jose, CA, and (ii) to visit the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ for collaboration with the IAS Members.

2005-2007: the Dutch-Russian grant NVO-RFBR 05-06-89000а “The Origin Of Russian Avant-garde”

2006-2008: grant of INTAS 05-1000008-7922 “Reconstruction of prehistoric Eurasian mythological motif complexes and their most ancient distribution in connection with genetic data’’

2009: grant “Immanuel Kant” Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)

2011 г.: Diderot stipendium, France, "Création d’un corpus de textes poétiques en langues de la Polynésie française" project

Publications (in English only, please see complete list here)

Tree of Rata: Towards a Reconstruction of a Proto-Polynesian Text // The Journal of the Polynesian Society. 2010. Vol. 119/4. P. 393-400

Development of the Proto-Polynesian vowels and metrical structure: traditional Hawai'ian, Tongan, and Rapanui texts // Аспекты компаративистики 4. М.: РГГУ, 2009. P. 144-151 (with Albert Davletshin).

Syllabic Verse and Vowel Length in Tonga, Hawaiian and Rapanui // Frontiers of Comparative Metrics. In Memoriam of Mikhail Gasparov. Conference abstracts. Tallinn: Tallinn University Press. 2008. P. 16.

Return of the White Raven: Postdiluvial Reconnaissance Motif A2234.1.1 Reconsidered // Journal of American Folklore. Spring 2006, Volume 119, Number 472. (with Adrei Korotaev, Yuri Berezkin, Alexandra Arkhipova).

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Folklore and Cultural Anthropology on the Internet // The Journal of the Slavic and East European Folklore Association. University of Virginia, 2001. Vol. 6. № 1. P. 36-47 (with A.S. Arkhipova).